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Month: October, 2011

Keeping up with the Cob Webs

I apologize for the title, but being that it is Halloween I thought I’d try to get creative… my sorry attempt is above!

Let’s talk about maintaining an organized home this week. You have taken the time to clear out number spaces and rooms in your home. You have cleared out the clutter and replaced items that have a purpose in that space.

Now how can you keep it like that day in and out?

Set aside 5 minutes a day for maintenance. During this five minutes you will quickly blitz a room or an area of a room – the kitchen drawers or the bathroom cabinets. Toss anything old and expired, tidy the shelves etc.

Rotate the space every day – each space will receive 5 minutes of TLC throughout the month and you don’t have to dedicate a huge chunk of your time everyday. This allows you more time for the really important things like trick-or-treating with your little ghosts and goblins!

Happy Halloween and Happy Organizing!

Prepare your entryway for winter

Whether you are lucky enough to have a dedicated mudroom or you double your entryway as the mudroom you have to consider what to do with the influx of “gear” during the cooler months.

The first thing to do is clear out all of the spring and summer: outdoor toys and sporting equipment, sandals, summer accessories etc.

Once the space is clear consider adding these items to corral the numerous accessories that come with winter.

  1. Add a boot mat or a rug – the wet boots and shoes can drip dry without adding the dreaded water pools all over the floor.
  2. Baskets for accessories – ideally one for each family member or type; i.e. gloves, scarves, hats etc.
  3. Hooks or coat stand – Easy access to coats is important. A coat closet is great, but if you have kids – or you don’t tend to actually hang the coat in the closet – try hooks for easy hanging and grabbing as you run out the door.
  4. Tall decorative bucket – You don’t want the umbrella to drip on the floor either. Keeping the floor dry is your number one priority during soupy winter days.

Don’t forget to make space for guests!

  1. Storable shoe rack – Keep a small shoe caddy in a closet that you can pull out when company comes over. They can easily store their shoes without turing your entryway into a obstacle course of shoes – dotted with puddles!
  2. A cozy touch – Keep a basket by the front door filled with slippers. This is a nice touch and provides your guests with a cozy extra durning their visit. It’s not a bad idea to keep the slippers there throughout the winter – your family will thank you!
Happy Organizing!

Transition Your Closet for Cooler Weather

Fall has finally showed up in the North East. The days are getting cooler the nights are frigid and it’s raining almost daily. Among other things this is the time of year to switch out the closet.

This is an amazing opportunity to analyze your wardrobe, keeping the pieces that make you look and feel great and deciding what to do with the rest.

Try these simple steps to transition your closet:

1. Take everything out – Don’t skip anything. As you empty the closet for the season ask yourself these questions of each piece – Did you wear it this year? Is it still in good condition, i.e. no pilling, armpit stains, holes etc, is it something you’d like to keep for next year?

2. Decide what to do with each piece – Here are the options:

• Keep – if it passes the criteria above, make sure it’s clean, and store it until next season TIP: Make sure you store your clothing in an airtight and waterproof container. As a bonus add a few cedar chips to ward off moths and keep them smelling good

• Donate – if it’s still in wearable condition, but you won’t wear it, donate it to someone who will

• Consign – consignment is a good option for brand name clothing that are still in “like new” quality. Why not make a few bucks on something you don’t wear anyway. Look for local spots in your area. TIP: Remember consignment stores won’t be accepting spring clothes in the fall. Pack them up in a bag or suitcase and take them in around February/March when they are accepting these items again.

• Toss – if it’s no longer wearable then toss it.

3. Analyze what goes in for this season – A year can be a long time for some closets. Do a quick analysis of every piece going in for the season. Ask yourself – Will I wear this? Does it still fit me? You can use this as an opportunity to create different outfits. Take pictures of the outfits with your smart phone for quick reference during the season

4. Don’t forget socks and undergarments – This is a good time to take stock of your everyday essentials. Do you need to toss the gym socks and replace them? Do you need warmer socks for the winter? Anything with holes and stains can go!

Happy Organizing!