Inside a Closet Before and After

The closet can make or break your day. Opening a closet that is organized and easy to navigate sets a positive, confident tone to the rest of the day and that is the goal I keep in mind during closet makeovers!

I love organizing closets. They are among my favorite projects with a client. There’s nothing more satisfying for me than a client that is so excited and bubbling over their new closet.

My most recent closet makeover was with a lovely client that had limited storage space in the front hall and the bedroom. Like most Toronto condos they were both reach-in closets with a single bar across the length of the closet and a single shelf above the bar. It’s probably the worst configuration for a functional closet. It wastes space and doesn’t provide any flexibility.

So what SHOULD your closet have to maximize it’s functionality? Start with what you need. Take stock! What do you have lingering in your closet?

Here’s what I did for my client:

Shelves – she needed storage. There were a lot of things in the closet that were hard to access and not properly stored because they didn’t fit within the one bar one shelf mold.

Double hanging bars – you don’t have to sacrifice hanging space in the name of shelves – use half the closet for double hanging and you haven’t lost an inch

Long hanging – if you do have long dresses, coats etc. make sure you add a portion of the space for long hanging, decide if that comes off of the shelf or double hang space depending on your needs.

The solution seems simple enough, but the results are spectacular. Amaze yourself with the amount of space you open up and how easy you can access items – and put them away!

I used the Schulte closet system from Solutions for this project. It’s such a great product for a number of reasons

Minimal holes in the wall – you’re only screwing in the top bar only. It takes minimal handy work – unless you have a concrete wall in your home – this adds an interesting twist, but still possible!

It holds everything – you can put 100lbs/linear foot. It will hold everything from shoes to books to canned goods.

It’s extremely flexible – It so easy to move the components around, hanging bars and shelves, that you can change the configuration to meet your needs. If you’re moving, unscrew the top bar and bring the whole thing with you.

It looks good and comes in a variety of colors.

It’s a great value for the price!

For more information about the closet system contact the Solutions near you. I always use Solutions at Yonge Street, 647-430-8749.

Enjoy the pictures and happy organizing!