Post Party Organizing

by weeklyorganizingtips


You had your friends and family over the celebrate the holidays or the new year and now you are left with half open bottles of wine and appetizer plates covering every surface. The worst part of the party – clean up!

Here are tips and tricks to make it easier, ideas to repurpose the leftover and even ways to use the mess to your advantage! 

Good luck! Enjoy the party

Be prepared before the party by:

Starting with an empty dishwasher, empty before guests arrive

Line the trashcan with three or four bags so it’s easy to empty the garbage during the party, if necessary

Keep the clutter out of your way. Think about a week of 15-minute projects leading up to the party.

Think about renting your dishes or using disposable, bamboo is an environmentally friendly option.

Have multiple stations set up for food and drinks so peple mix and mingle

Don’t forget coasters. Lay them around the tables so your guests don’t have to go searching.

Leftover Wine – pour leftover wine into ice cube and store them for future recipes that call for wine. 

Flat Club Soda – Use it to water houseplants or your live Christmas tree. 

Fallen needles from the tree – repurpose them as sachets for your drawers or take the needles outside to use as mulch in the garden. You can also use small springs as decoration on packages.

Ribbon from hostess gifts – you can repurpose the ribbon for packages and presents you are giving.

Cheese – If you have a small amount of a variety of cheeses, why not create your own cheese fondu. It could be interesting!

Water rings – rub in non-gel toothpaste then buff off with a clean towel. 

Carpet StainsClick Here to check out this cool stain kit to erase any unwanted reminders of your party last night, thank you Martha.

We wish all of you a very happy holiday season! Enjoy the party.

Happy Organizing!