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Month: May, 2013

Wrangling Hair Tools in the Bathroom

Today we are going to get right to the point. In a small bathroom it makes it difficult to wrangle the hair dryer, straightening iron and the brushes, sprays, moose, bobby pins and clips that go along with it. So, here are a few ideas to help you arrange those items in a way that are functional and of course beautiful!

Simple, yet completely effective – a PVC pipe – and it can withstand the heat. Love this. You can also paint it to match your bathroom and mount it on the wall.


How about this – buckets on the wall to hold accessories and brushes while your hands are full with the styling tools. They won’t slip off the counter forcing you to crawl around looking for them.


A divided basket keeps everything in order on the counter.


Another Simple idea is a magazine holder. Flip the hair dryer upside down and you have a simple way to keep the hair dryer and it’s cord in check.

file folder

This is my favorite idea yet! Hang PVC pipes on the back of the cabinet door for a fast, easy and super inexpensive way to store the tools when you are not using them. They even have a separate place for the cord, i love it! Is there anything you can’t do with a PVC pipe? Ask the person helping you at the hardware store to cut the pipes to the correct size so you simply have to screw them in when you get home.


Get those styling tools, accessories and products in order and make your bathroom experience more enjoyable!

Happy Organizing!


Set the Kids up for a Successful Summer


Summer is coming. Warmer weather is finally here and your children are soon going to be out of school with a lot of free time on their hands. This is a quick and easy guide for some practical planning and places to find great events, camps and activities in your area.

First, this is so important. Set up a central calendar. You can have a big paper calendar in a central location or a Google calendar, but make sure it’s accessible to everyone that needs to be aware of activities and events.

Consider important events over the summer that might conflict with activities you are signing your child up for. Don’t forget birthdays, family vacations, statutory holidays and anything else that will conflict.

Get the kid’s involved. Ask them what they would like to do. What are their friends doing? Would they like to learn a new skill, a new language or perfect their soccer skills? Sign them up in things that interest them and it will make everyone much happier.

One thing you might also consider as your children get older is goal setting. Giving them goals to accomplish over the summer with give them something to work toward and will give them an incredible sense of accomplishment when it is complete. Set age appropriate goals with them in any area. A few suggests I have would be: reading goals, I will read five chapter books over the summer; fitness goals, I will be able to run a 9 minute mile and do 100 pushups by the first day of school; personal goals, I will organize my closet to make room for the new school clothes I will get for back to school by August 1. Whatever the goal is, it’s never too early to teach your children the sweet satisfaction of hard work to accomplish goals.

Here are a few sites I have found with good resources for Toronto and general kid’s sites with amazing activities to stimulate creativity and play!

A great site for things to do, places to go and fun family activities in Toronto


The library has fabulous programs and events all summer long

Toronto Library

The YMCA is also a good option for activities to et your kids moving or involved in sports

YMCA Toronto

Creative Club Inc has week long lego camps all summer. Legoing all day for a week – what could be better?

Creative Camp Inc. 

I hope you and your children have a fabulous summer! Click Here to share some of your plans on our Facebook page.

Creating a Family Command Centre

Turn the drop zone by the front door into a functional command centre. Watch the video for tips and tricks from Sage.

Happy Organizing!

Exploding Closets

I’m sure there are a few people out there that can relate to this!

Reasons Mommy Drinks


Every inch of storage in Mommy’s house is bursting at the seams. Mommy has stopped inviting people over because she fears an innocent play date will turn into a hoarding intervention before your impressionable young eyes. Back when they were searching for real estate, Mommy and Daddy failed to account for the 500 square feet in additional storage they’d one day require for the baby gear, clothing and toys you’d outgrow before your second birthday. And Mommy’s convinced that the day she trucks it all to Goodwill will be the same day she discovers she’s pregnant with baby #2. And who knew Mommy’s wardrobe would one day include pre-baby wear, maternity wear, maternity-leave wear, back-to-work wear, and replacement wear for all her baby-stained wear?  To be fair, you’re not totally to blame for Mommy’s storage woes. At some point, Mommy may want to consider parting ways with her teenage diaries…

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Thursday Organizing Tip – Organized Gardening

Get your gardening tools under control and a few tips for working in the yard by Sage, Professional Organizer, Beautifully Organized.

Taking a Road Trip this Summer? Read this First

Road Trip

Are you hitting the open road this summer? Whether you are planning a road trip with your significant other, friends or the family check out these tips to make it a smooth ride, full of incredible memories.

The key to a well-packed car is keeping the items you need during the drive accessible to you and your passengers. Don’t keep everything in the trunk where you have to stop every time you need to get something.

Find small bins to keep items together and protected from heavier items crushing them. Especially important for snacks like chips! Place the bins in an easy to access area.


If you are spending multiple days in the car consider packing clothing in re-sealable freezer bags. If you pack an outfit for each day you’re on the road in a separate bag you can find them easily and use the bag for dirty clothes until you reach your destination.


Don’t forget the playlists! Music is essential on a road trip so plan a few playlists before you leave home.

Bring bags for garbage. Sounds simple. But if you forget the trash will slowly start to close in on your already small space.

Have a kit packed in the car with essentials. Place the following items in a bag big enough to hold them and always keep it in the car.


Baby wipes  *  Nail clippers  *  Nail file * Advil  *  Lotion  *  Sticky notes   *   Pen  *  Gum  *  Throat Lozenges  *  Hair spray  *  Hand sanitizer  *  Kleenex  *  Band aids  *  Polysporin


Whether you are traveling with children or not have a designated spot for everyone’s car activities. Pack a bag or a bin full of the books, magazines, activity books, pens or pencils, ipods, ipads, dvd’s and any other items you will need to keep you and your car mates busy. Keep items you are not using away in the bin or bag so they don’t start to close in on you.

I found this very cute idea on Pinterest.


On the pillowcase sew a little pocket for your child’s books and then they have their pillow and reading materials all in one place when it’s time to settle in for a nap.

A few other ideas for kids. Create games for them to play in the car incorporating the road trip. Car bingo is great, as well as the license plate game if you are in the States, scavenger hunts or tic-tac-toe. Click Here for a link to printable versions of these games and many more.

Also consider a laminated map of the route you’re traveling so older children can keep track of where you are and how far you are from your destination. Who knows, it might even curb the dreaded, “Are we there yet?”

Good luck out there on the road this summer and be safe!

Happy Organizing!


(photos courtesy of Pinterest, Organizing Made Fun and freedigitalphotos.net)

Thursday Video Tip

Choosing proper storage containers. Tips and tricks to make the selection process easier.

Solutions for Your Mini-Artist’s Treasures


We’re making the final dash to the end of the school year and if you have collected your children’s art pieces through the year, I’m sure you are starting to notice an overflow. Art projects are treasures that you and your children should enjoy for as long as you’d like, but there is only so much space in your home and before long the treasures can turn into clutter if you don’t put a system in place.

Here are some clever ideas to wrangle the art pieces, creating functional spaces and pieces you can truly treasure and enjoy.

I love this idea! Do you have a scanner? Try scanning you children’s drawings, paintings, sketches or any other flat piece of work and create one piece with mini images of the work. Apply this to 3-D structures too. Take a picture from different angles of the flat piece to capture all the details and then create a piece of the different angles and frame them for you and your children to treasure.


A gallery in the home guarantees there will always be space for new pieces as they come into the home. Take an awkward wall or hallway space and hang a few rod with clips to hang art. They are on display and easy to rotate. Wondering what to do with the pieces when they come down. Consider the idea below for those treasures.


This idea is an oldie, but a goodie. Take a corkboard, cover it in fabric and create a cool gallery in the kitchen or your child’s room that is versatile, beautiful and easy for your children to add pieces too. When it’s full it’s time to consider what stays and what gets repurposed or stored.


Parents often over look grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends that might love a piece of art from your children. If they don’t receive them regularly they will be treasured all the more!

Lastly, think outside of the box. Hang your children’s art in unexpected places. Decorate the inside of their closet – or yours with pieces. What about the back of a door or hang frames to create a rotating gallery in the garage. Have a cool landscape watercolor from your son’s art class? Hang it in the garden shed.

Would you like to check out additional ideas for your child’s art? I have tackled this subject before. Click Here for additional tips.

Do you have creative ways to store your children’s art? I would love to hear about them, reply in the comments section or Click Here to share them on Facebook.

Happy Organizing!

(Photos courtsey of Pinterest and FreeDigitalPhotos.net)