Taking a Road Trip this Summer? Read this First

by weeklyorganizingtips

Road Trip

Are you hitting the open road this summer? Whether you are planning a road trip with your significant other, friends or the family check out these tips to make it a smooth ride, full of incredible memories.

The key to a well-packed car is keeping the items you need during the drive accessible to you and your passengers. Don’t keep everything in the trunk where you have to stop every time you need to get something.

Find small bins to keep items together and protected from heavier items crushing them. Especially important for snacks like chips! Place the bins in an easy to access area.


If you are spending multiple days in the car consider packing clothing in re-sealable freezer bags. If you pack an outfit for each day you’re on the road in a separate bag you can find them easily and use the bag for dirty clothes until you reach your destination.


Don’t forget the playlists! Music is essential on a road trip so plan a few playlists before you leave home.

Bring bags for garbage. Sounds simple. But if you forget the trash will slowly start to close in on your already small space.

Have a kit packed in the car with essentials. Place the following items in a bag big enough to hold them and always keep it in the car.


Baby wipes  *  Nail clippers  *  Nail file * Advil  *  Lotion  *  Sticky notes   *   Pen  *  Gum  *  Throat Lozenges  *  Hair spray  *  Hand sanitizer  *  Kleenex  *  Band aids  *  Polysporin


Whether you are traveling with children or not have a designated spot for everyone’s car activities. Pack a bag or a bin full of the books, magazines, activity books, pens or pencils, ipods, ipads, dvd’s and any other items you will need to keep you and your car mates busy. Keep items you are not using away in the bin or bag so they don’t start to close in on you.

I found this very cute idea on Pinterest.


On the pillowcase sew a little pocket for your child’s books and then they have their pillow and reading materials all in one place when it’s time to settle in for a nap.

A few other ideas for kids. Create games for them to play in the car incorporating the road trip. Car bingo is great, as well as the license plate game if you are in the States, scavenger hunts or tic-tac-toe. Click Here for a link to printable versions of these games and many more.

Also consider a laminated map of the route you’re traveling so older children can keep track of where you are and how far you are from your destination. Who knows, it might even curb the dreaded, “Are we there yet?”

Good luck out there on the road this summer and be safe!

Happy Organizing!


(photos courtesy of Pinterest, Organizing Made Fun and freedigitalphotos.net)