Wrangling Hair Tools in the Bathroom

by weeklyorganizingtips

Today we are going to get right to the point. In a small bathroom it makes it difficult to wrangle the hair dryer, straightening iron and the brushes, sprays, moose, bobby pins and clips that go along with it. So, here are a few ideas to help you arrange those items in a way that are functional and of course beautiful!

Simple, yet completely effective – a PVC pipe – and it can withstand the heat. Love this. You can also paint it to match your bathroom and mount it on the wall.


How about this – buckets on the wall to hold accessories and brushes while your hands are full with the styling tools. They won’t slip off the counter forcing you to crawl around looking for them.


A divided basket keeps everything in order on the counter.


Another Simple idea is a magazine holder. Flip the hair dryer upside down and you have a simple way to keep the hair dryer and it’s cord in check.

file folder

This is my favorite idea yet! Hang PVC pipes on the back of the cabinet door for a fast, easy and super inexpensive way to store the tools when you are not using them. They even have a separate place for the cord, i love it! Is there anything you can’t do with a PVC pipe? Ask the person helping you at the hardware store to cut the pipes to the correct size so you simply have to screw them in when you get home.


Get those styling tools, accessories and products in order and make your bathroom experience more enjoyable!

Happy Organizing!