Getting Crafty – Repurposing Old Items

by weeklyorganizingtips

Today we’re getting crafty and using our imagination. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter than you have seen me share a post from Terracycle.

Terracycle is an organization in Toronto that collects and recycles items that are not usually considered for recycling. Items like Ziploc bags, vinyl records, wood pallets and countless other items find a new life.

So in honor of their ingenuity and creativity I am going to share a few ways to could repurpose items in your house. Items you’re hanging onto just in case – here are some just in case examples.

Did a window shutter fall off the house and you’ve been saving it “just in case”. These are great idea – very simple too!

Mail Shutter holderShutter Magazine Rack

Have a doily collection that you stuff in a drawer and have no intention of ever using? This is a fabulous way to modernize them and bring them back to your dining room table!

Doilie table runner

Ok, some of my all-time favorite transformations are to wooden shipping pallets. Check out these brilliant ideas below:

Pallet 1

Pallet 3

Pallet 4

Pallet 2

Light blub vase anyone??

Lightbulb Vase

Old Skateboards! Love this for a boy’s room.

Skateboard Shelf

Old Socks as a vase cover… seriously!

Sock Vase Holder

Pool Noodles to hold up boots.

Pool Noodle Boot Holder

Use  T-shirts or shopping bags and frame them for funky inexpensive art – again, great for a kid’s room, closet or game room.

Framed T-shirts Framed Bags

Ok and for a grand finale, I can’t really even believe it, but a house made completely from the waste materials of a 747 airplane!

747 House

Inspired? I hope so. Transform a “just incase” today! Share your own ideas in the comment section below.

Happy Organizing!


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