Make Room for Relationships

by weeklyorganizingtips

“The best things in life… aren’t things” Art Buchwald


Keeping with the theme of my happiness project, I am focusing on relationships this week. One of the biggest motivators for a declutter sessions is the people in our lives. Our spouse is upset about the mess we create, your kids don’t have a place to do their homework, your in-laws are coming to visit and you can’t imagine them stepping foot in your home. It might not be a specific event, but rather a general frazzled feeling that keeps you from spending time with loved ones.

When the physical spaces in our home are full there is no chance, but to have a full mental life as well. It’s time to step back and take the time to make room for your relationships. It is proven that the people in our lives make us happier than any amount of stuff ever will.

Find ways to honor the your relationships in your spaces. I love the idea from Gretchen Rubin in Happiness at Home about rotating family pictures based on the season or holiday. Why not put out pictures of your kids in their different Halloween costumes over the year to help celebrate the season and cherish the memories in the mean time.


Another great idea from Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love is happiness jars. They can be anything from a small jar of sand to remind you about a family beach vacation or slips of paper that you write memories and happy moments on, put in the jar and pull out to read from time to time. My happiness jar is a glass vase full of smooth white rocks I’ve collected from bodies of water around the world. It reminds me of fabulous vacations, quiet walks with my dog, adventures with my husband or exotic places.

Of course any of the two suggestions above only work if you take the time to sort, edit and reorganize the spaces you work and live in to create space for the relationships in your life.

Happy Organizing!

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