Sell Online Items Faster with Standout Photos

by weeklyorganizingtips

Camera2One of the most effective ways to remove items you no longer need, use or love from your home is to sell it online. This could mean online through Craigslist, Kijiji, Ebay, Etsy or any of the other numerous sites. A good picture will make it much more likely that your item will sell.

First – make sure the item is clean, in good condition and ready to have its closeup. Clean up the area around pieces if you can’t move them to a clear area. Nothing turns a buyer off like a bunch of clutter around the piece for sale.

Second – choose a neutral background. If the item is small enough, create an inexpensive DIY light box. From a cardboard box cut off one side. Then add white paper on the remaining sides – including the bottom. Clip a clamp light on top of the box so there are no shadows on the object you’re photographing. Here’s a great video tutorial.

With larger items hang a white curtain and clip on a clamp light  or two to shine lights from different angles to get the desired lighting effect.

With great lighting you are 99% of the way to great online photos. The last thing to consider is what to take a photo of.

For clothing: Tags – both on the clothing or store tags if the garment was never worn. Close-up of any detail. Don’t forget a full shot of the front AND back.

For Furniture: Any designer stamps, unique detailing, different angles, any imperfections.

Use this as a general guideline when shooting other objects. The basic idea is to give the buyer as much information as possible to help them make their decision.

Don’t forget to include important details in the post to compliment the picture. Size, condition and brand. Type of materials, measurements and quality details. Again, the more information the better.

Go for it! List a thing or two and see what happens!

Happy Organizing!

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