Beginners Guide to Life Hacking

by weeklyorganizingtips

One of my all time favorite sites is If you’ve never checked it out, I highly recommend it. I find tips and tricks on there all the time from organizing to technical to parenting it covers everything! So, I thought it would be fun to share my latest life hack!

I constantly struggle with cords in my house. Between the iPhone, iPad, laptops, iPods, hard drives, camera cords….. our cord basket looked like this…

Messy cords

Wow! I know, how did I ever find anything in there? It usually came with frustration and a few choice words. Then with a little luck I untangled whatever I was looking for and them threw it back in the bin.

Well not anymore…

Organized cords

With a few empty TP rolls or paper towel rolls cut in half, I now have an organized, functional cord bin. I can find and put anything away, quick! It took me about two weeks to collect the rolls and all of 15 minutes to untangle the cords and put them back in the bin.

This was a fun simple project. And probably one of the best hacks I’ve done so far.

Here’s an article to get you started on a life hack or two of your own, it’s where I got the TP roll cord holder idea! Share your hacks in the comment section, I’d love to see them!

Happy organizing!