The Laundry Cycle


Do you struggle with laundry in your home? Do you find it piling up faster than you know what to do with it?

I have a couple tips and tricks to make life easier for you.

First, create a schedule. I created a cleaning checklist for a past blog. You can check it out in here . By tackling the domestic chores a little bit everyday, you keep them from building up into overwhelming tasks.

The schedule in my home looks like this: All clothing on Sunday and Wednesday. All towels on Tuesday and Saturday and Sheets on Saturday. I know what you’re thinking, that’s four days of laundry a week. However, doing one or two loads a day is a lot more manageable than six loads one day a week.

Next, create standard loads. I have four loads that I typically run on clothing days – darks, lights, a non-delicate hang dry load and a hand wash load. This makes it very easy for me to separate what goes into the dryer before everything is soaked, stuck together and hard to distinguish. If you don’t have enough items to justify a separate load for hang dry items grab a dry erase marker! What?! Write with the marker directly on the washer what needs to come out before transferring the rest over. This will save your favorite items from shrinking to oblivion.

Dry Ease washer

Last, stock your laundry room with the supplies you need to successfully clean your clothing. Obviously you need detergent and fabric softener, if you use it. But think beyond that. What about a drying rack and hangers to address clothing that need to air dry. Next time you upgrade your toothbrush use the old one to scrub out stains. Spray a little stain remover, scrub with the toothbrush and then let it sit. Keep a small container nearby to collect loose change and other odds and ends. Keep a central location for single socks. At the end of the load see if you can match any up. After a month you can clean out the singles and start again.

Clothes Pins

Don’t forget laundry is a fun way to get kids involved in housework. They love to help and this is a very valuable life skill for them to have. Share the love and go start a load of laundry!

Happy Organizing!


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