7 Easy Organizing Tips

by weeklyorganizingtips

7 easy organizing tipsFor those of you who follow this blog you might have noticed I’m Pinterest obsessed. I like to go on for everything from organizing tips to recipes, decorating ideas to vacation ideas. You can follow me by clicking here

My favorite blogs are when I get to share some of my findings with you. These are just a collection of quick organizing ideas with items you probably have laying around you house right now. No need to spend a dime and you declutter by giving a lifeless piece of stuff a function, bonus!

1. You know the plastic pant hangers you get time to time – well simply break off the clips for instant function. Chip clips, brilliant!

2. Shoe box charging station – need I say more? All you need is a power strip and possibly some metal grommets to preserve the holes and give it a fancier look, but really a show box and power strip do the job.

3. Metal hangers – I hate metal hangers. Not quite a Joan Crawford, Mommie Dearest way, but, metal hangers are not my favorite. However, this is a fabulous idea to repurpose them in a functional way for your closet.

4. Here’s another great storage idea of flip flops using a plate holder.

5. How about this idea for old garment bags? You can repurpose the old garment bag for wrapping paper rolls and hang it all in the closet. Comparable wrapping paper organizers at the store would cost $19.99 and up. Create pockets on the outside for tape, ribbon and gift tags by using a plastic page protector taped on three sides with clear packing tape. You can use this for other large and small crafting items or large, flat school projects you or your child are not ready to part with yet.

6. Muffin liners in a mason jar! I personally have more mason jars than I can currently use – I had a bit of a craze for them around my wedding. So, why not repurpose for storage. They also work great for the pantry – storing nuts, baking goods etc.

7. I love opening a Tic-Tac container. Something about the pop it makes when it opens and closes. Keep the lovely sensation going by storing bobby pins in them. Seriously, I just did this to my bobby pins! You can also decorate the outside anyway you like.

I would love to hear about your upcycling projects. Post about them below in the comment section or share on Pinterest.

Happy organizing!