Never Overpack for Vacation Again

by weeklyorganizingtips

Never Overpack again

Heading out for a vacation this summer? Are you stressing about what to bring? Over-packing is one of the biggest mistakes we make when packing for vacation. Have you ever tried rolling a huge suitcase over cobble stone streets in Italy or bringing way to may clothes on a beach vacation because you realize bathing suits and a few sun dresses do the trick? Time to pair down and get serious about what to bring.

Top three things to remember: Be ruthless, Be realistic, Be methodical.

I found a few great images that really help you visualize what you need to bring. The first is an example of a one-week “city” vacation: sightseeing, visiting friends and family etc.

I like this list because you have a couple staples and then smaller filler pieces to create different looks without a lot of frivolous items.

One week vacation visual



Tip: Pick a color scheme. This one has an underlying theme of pinks and oranges. This will help you focus in on items that work with the palette.








This list is similar to the one-week city vacation, but expands to include accessories. Again you want to bring minimal pieces that work with multiple outfits.

Packing list visual





Tip: Wear bulkier items on the airplane: jeans, sweater/jackets, boots etc. This will save valuable room in your suitcase.









Here is a visual for a one-week beach vacation. I like that they geared it toward a carry-on suitcase. I absolutely believe you can pack for a beach vacation in a carry-on. The clothing are lighter and smaller, you don’t have a lot of big shoes to pack, You can use your beach bag as a separate carry-on bag and be ready to hit the beach when you get to the hotel.

Packing list bech vacation




Tip: Squeeze sunscreen into carryon approved containers. It can be expensive at the resort and you don’t want to burn, that’s the fastest way to ruin a vacation.




I hope this helps as you plan for your summer vacations. Keep a little room in that suitcase for item you pick up on your travels, you never know what treasures you might find.

Happy organizing!