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Preparing for Vacation Reentry

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We all know the feeling – you’ve just had an amazing vacation in a warm tropical locale in the dead of winter and now you are home – cold, in a messy house with no food on your first day home and depression is quickly setting in. There is noting I can do about the cold, I’m sorry. But I can help you reenter the normal non-vacation world a little easier by preparing before you leave.

I am leaving for a trip next week and this is my checklist to ensure vacation reentry is as smooth as possible:

1. Let’s be honest, coming home to anything dead is a bummer. Arrange for your pets and plants to be taken care of.

2. If someone is coming to take care of your plants or pets see if they would mind putting your mail, newspapers and any packages in the house so you don’t become a robbery magnet. Extra key required.

3. Put lights on timers. A few lights that turn on and off at different points during the day and night can also deter burglars.

4. Tidy your home before you go – or if you have a cleaning person have them come while you are gone. You are leaving a hotel where you’ve been pampered for the past week, the last thing you want is to come home to a crumpled bed with a dirty toilet. Just saying, it makes a big difference.

5. Take out all garbage and green bins. Unless maggots and really really bad smells are your thing, add this to the top of your list now.

6. On this same note clean out the fridge. Remove anything that will look like a science experiment when you come home.

7. Turn down your thermostat. Saving money on vacation – nice!

8. Unplug everything you can. This is also help save money and any weird acts out of your control like power surges. Replacing everything upon your return and dealing with insurance – not relaxing!

9. Think about dinner for the day you return. Stash a frozen pizza or something simple to make when you return. Don’t over think this, ordering in is also acceptable!

10. Do all laundry before you leave so pre-vacation laundry isn’t mingling with vacation laundry. This is just extra work for no reason.

11. Leave a copy of all travel documents with the person picking you up at the airport. This way if anything changes they can check flight status, updates etc. without having to get you involved, you’ll have enough on your plate.

Have a fabulous vacation! A little bit of planning and preparation will ensure a smooth reentry once the sunshine, sand and water have all disappeared.

Happy Organizing!

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Step-By-Step Garland Making


I’m getting crafty today with a step-by-step video to make garland for your home this holiday. I moved into a new home last year with a fabulous fireplace and mantle that was begging to be draped in a luscious green garland for the holiday season. I put together this video for you to follow along and make your own garland for you home. Garland can be used anywhere, not just on the fireplace. Think about garland as a table center, on a ledge or over a door. It smells amazing and gives any home an instant holiday update.

Click Here to watch the video!

I would love to see pictures of your garland in the comments below.  Happy Holidays!

Happy Organizing!

Preparing for Guests!

As the weather gets colder and the holidays draw near, the guests will start to show up as well. Whether it’s a short visit or they are coming for a week you want guests to feel welcome and comfortable in your home. Here are a few tips and tricks to help get your home guest ready!

Keep a basket by the door that you can use to gather loose items over one big sweep. As you walk around replace items where they belong, then you don’t find yourself running around in circles as you tidy up.

If you don’t have space for guests’ coats in the closet, find a few hooks and hang them by the door to keep coats off of the floor and furniture.

Organized Entryway

Keep easy picky foods stocked to put out. Cheese and crackers are great. Dips are also easy. Hummus, edamame or even cheese dip are great options. Sliced veggis are also a good.

Don’t forget drinks. Keep an extra bottle of wine or prosecco around for unexpected festive visits.

Keep it simple. Don’t overthink plans. Keep dinner simple and delicious. Make dishes you are familiar with or experiment with just one instead of the whole meal. Entertain with ease by preparing as much as possible before guests arrive. Remember you will set the tone of the visit so have fun and enjoy yourself!

Easy Entertaining

Candles are so welcoming and homey. Light a few around the house. Not to mention they will add a wonderful smell.

Consider splurging on a cleaning service or rented dishes if you are hosting a large dinner. When dinner is over, simply put the dirty dishes in the crates and return them to the rental company. Eliminate  the worst part of having guests… cleaning up after them.

Sometimes it takes a guest visiting to finish lingering projects around the house. What projects would you like to finish? Are the holiday lights on the house? Could the bathroom use a good scrub? Do you need to replace the rug in the living room? Whatever it is let your guests be your motivation.

To do list

Most importantly, enjoy your guests! They have come to spend time with you, not to critique the food or discuss the lingering dirt in your home.

I’ll leave you with a sweet video from Mrs. Myers a good reminder for this time of year.

Happy Organizing!

Savvy Gift Giving

It’s that time of year again, Hanukkah starts this week and Christmas is right around the corner. One of the many things you have on your todo list this time of year is gifts for family and friends; hosts and hostesses; the kids! With so many decisions to make and so little time we thought it would be fun to put together a little gift guide.

Here it is: Savvy Gift Giving Ideas

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A selection of savvy gift options from the organizers at Beautifully Organized.

A selection of savvy gift options from the organizers at Beautifully Organized.