The Dreaded Job of Moving


The last month of my life has been consumed with moving. It has been interesting for me because it was MY move. I help clients move all the time, but it’s a completely different process for me because at the end of the day after I move a client, I get to come home to my organized home an relax. During my move there is nowhere to go except the never ending maze of boxes that seem to multiply as I unpack them.

What better than to share tips and tricks with you about moving. You can also apply some of these tips if you are not moving. The overall theme is stay organized, de-clutter as you pack and remember to breath!

You can also click here¬†for the moving checklist I’ve developed for my clients and used for myself!

Before you even pick up a box do an assessment of each room. Take stock of what you have. Are you downsizing, now is the time to be honest with yourself about what you need and love.

If there are obvious things that need to go make a box for goodwill or your favorite charity. When it’s full drop it off and start another – you will be making multiple trips to various donation sites – or set up a pickup! If you’re not moving, keep a box for donation in your closet or garage for items you come across that you no longer need.

Clearly label your boxes. I recommend the Pack -N- Label Move Organizing kit. It has large color-coded labels for each room in your home. You can label the top and sides of the box for easy identification… even when they’re piled to the ceiling in you house! Click here for more information about the labels.

Ask for help. It is ok to ask for help. Ask friends and family to come over for a moving party. Maybe over a glass of wine or two. Turn on fun music and suddenly it’s a party!

If you have done a proper room assessment you should be able to do a fair assessment of the amount of supplies you need. Get enough boxes, paper, bubble wrap and tape. You don’t want to have to schlep back and forth from the supply store to keep stocking up.

Many moving companies will supply you wardrobe boxes on the day of the move. Be sure to clarify how many they are bringing and don’t be shy to ask for more.

Designate a place in the new home to stack boxes. Usually a good idea to do it in an out of the way place. With clearly labeled boxes it should also be easy to identify which boxes go where – for you and the movers.

Breath, breath, breath! I didn’t breath enough this last weekend. I found myself feeling overwhelmed the minute I woke up. It’s ok to remove yourself from the mess for a few hours – take a walk, have lunch or dinner out, go to yoga, just be sure to take a moment for yourself!

If you have any moving tips I’d love to hear them! Share them in the comments section below.

Happy Organizing and Happy Moving!